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Gender Pay Gap

Date Posted: 22/05/2019

Gender Pay Gap Update

It has been over a year since gender pay gap reporting became law and it has become one of the biggest business stories of the year.  Our banking clients are hitting the headlines as one of the most unbalanced sectors.

The reports have shown that there are less than 10% women in higher paid jobs, women’s bonuses can be one-third lower, and overall men are paid on average 20% more than women.


Gender Pay Gap

Thomson Keene connects with Luxembourg

Date Posted: 15/08/2017

Thomson Keene is pleased to announce its new partnership with Lancelot, a Luxembourg based IT Recruitment consultancy.  Exchanges between the two structures will allow better support to clients by extending their respective talent pools, as well as facilitating international development.

Thomson Keene, which is already active in the recruitment of top technology talent from London, New York and Paris, will therefore further their international development into mainland Europe.

This will provide a new dimension to TK’s service to both clients and candidates in the fast changing international economic and political context, including uncertainties around Brexit.

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Thomson Keene connects with Luxembourg

Quarterly Market Update July 2017


2017 has seen significant changes in the dynamics behind the hiring picture in London. At the forefront is an improvement in profits and business optimism for many of the key (particularly US) players. This has led to some long-overdue, serious commitment to strategic technology investment, and an increase in urgency and prioritisation of the various regulatory obligations affecting the industry


Quarterly Market Update July 2017

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