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Thomson Keene are proud to partner Clients for whom the promotion of diversity and inclusion is as much at the forefront of their ethos as it is for us. For whom understanding that creating an environment where opportunity, respect and feeling valued are prioritised regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability or background, is not only the right thing to do, but also the best thing to do to maximise corporate success.
As D&I has moved further into the spotlight in recent years, we are proud to reflect that how, since our founding in 2002, we have always enjoyed the benefits of a truly diverse workforce coming from a multitude of backgrounds, with 46% of our employees being female over this time, just as an example. 
Our environment, and methodologies outlined elsewhere here, have led to a track record of delivering diverse talent into our clients which we believe is unprecedented in our sector. It’s easy enough to say the right things about D&I, we are proud in having delivered true D&I to our clients. Indeed, in 2022, we were selected as one of two firms to partner a leading US Investment Bank on staffing an entirely new Quant Engineering and Data Science FICC Front Office unit. Not only did we fill all but one of the hires ourselves but, with the client also prioritising a diverse talent pool, precisely 50% of the completed hires were female, from a wide range of backgrounds.
Thomson Keene are active in industry events promoting effective D&I initiatives, we enjoy exclusive round-table events with our clients to discuss optimal strategies to enhance D&I representations and enjoy great success in situations where clients adopt these strategies and expect us to work in line with them.
Adverts, automation and ATS’s do not lend themselves well to building a diverse workforce. The Thomson Keene principles of relationships-first, referrals, networking and taking the time to really get to know candidates, clients and specific briefs in detail, enable us to remain at the very forefront of our market in the provision of a truly diversified workforce.

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